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Do cellphone towers look better disguised as trees?

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Bell Canada plans to build about 20 cellphone towers disguised as trees in cottage country north of Toronto.

 Bell Canada plans to disguise cell towers in Muskoka as pine trees. (Courtesy Bell Canada)At a height of 25 to 29 metres, the towers would extend up above surrounding trees, but would be less conspicuous than traditional cellphone towers.

Still, they look a bit odd. Alice Murphy, the mayor of the Township of Muskoka Lakes, told the Toronto Star newspaper that they look "like a white pine on steroids."

Cellphone towers disguised as palm trees, street lights, barn silos and even church steeples are commonplace in the U.S., but the pine tree disguise is new to Canada.

Because the towers are on private land and shorter than 30 metres, they don't require municipal approval to build. A Bell spokesperson told the Star the towers are made of steel with fibreglass branches and will start to go up in May.

Regardless of their appearance, Murphy said residents and cottagers in the Muskoka region would welcome better cellphone reception. "There are people conducting business in Muskoka, particularly during the summer," she said.

Do you think the cellphone towers look better dressed up as trees? Or should they put up without their leafy disguise? Let us know what you think.

(This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' responses.)

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