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Bieber single Boyfriend, Cameron's ocean dive in morning trends

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The big Twitter trend overnight was Justin Bieber's new single Boyfriend, released at midnight on iTunes. (I won't link to the single here because that will launch iTunes and, really, who needs that?)

On Thursday, a 10-second clip of the song appeared on YouTube.

The Bieber-related trends overnight were:

And shortly after midnight, Bieber himself posted a twitvid video prompting his fans to go check it out.

And while Bieber's official YouTube channel hasn't posted a video yet, many users have taken it upon themselves to fill that gap. Gossip blogger Perez Hilton posted the song on his site, gobbling up some of that traffic.

By the way, Madonna's new album MDNA is also out, and is the #1 album on iTunes. She barely made it into the trends this morning, though.

Other trends

James Cameron - Canadian film director James Cameron completed his journey to the deepest known point in any of the world's oceans. The National Geographic coverage of Cameron's dive was among the most tweeted links last night. 

Cameron even took time to tweet the big moment:

Naturally, there were lots of jokes in this vein:

Tiger Woods  - The golfer won his first PGA tournament since his sex scandal at the end of 2009.

Roger Sterling, Don Draper - Do you think I'm going to spoil the Mad Men premiere in this trends post? No way.

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