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Will evicting gang members help reserves?

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 The Samson Cree First Nation has struggled with drive-by shootings and deaths. (CBC)

An Alberta reserve's decision to allow the eviction of gang members from its community is sparking debate about communities' responsibilities.

The community of Hobbema, Alta., has been trying to cope with violence attributed to gangs for a number of years. On Wednesday, the Samson Cree First Nation, one of four reserves in the area, voted 479-370 to allow reserve members to evict troublemakers.

But some residents are concerned that evicted gang members would simply move to one of the other reserves in the area.

"It is fine and dandy to have a bylaw to banish some of the gang members, but it has to be in sync with the other three nations," Samson resident Roy Louis told CBC News.

Some CBC community members shared that view:

  • "Probably not real welcome news to neighbouring communities." - Eagle 8
  • "If I raised a pack of mean wild dogs and released them to run wild in the community, I would be criminally and morally responsible for whatever those dogs do." - BackBushBilly
  • "Awesome, get ready for your new residents Calgary and Edmonton... you too Saskatchewan and Manitoba... Where else do you think they will go after being evicted? Not to mention other Reserves will now get these folks." - Johnny Utah

Others thought the reserve made the right decision:

  • "Congratulations Hobbema. You are taking back your community. I wish you every success." - Garry in NS
  • "Excellent move!!! Send these jerks up to Baffin Island and let them play their stupid little 'gangsta' games there, where decent people won't get hurt." - VideoNick56
  • "Good for the people of Hobbema. Gang members should find it harder to operate without easy access to their cohorts and the people they intimidate. I'm glad to see there are First Nations setting an example for the rest of us." - Vroomfondle

What do you think? Is eviction the answer? Or will it shift problems to other communities? Take our survey and tell us what you think in the comments.

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