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What would you do with a $9.8-billion bank error?

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 Parijat Saha was amazed to discover his bank balance was 490 billion rupees, or about $9.8 billion, the BBC reported. (Facebook)An Indian man got something of a shock after he checked his bank account online and discovered he had a balance of 490 billion rupees - or about $9.8 billion.

Parijat Saha, of Balurghat, had only expected to find about $200 in his account when he checked it at home on Sunday, BBC reported Wednesday. But a visit to a nearby ATM confirmed the much higher amount.

Saha called the State Bank of India to alert them to the mistake, the BBC said.

Bank officials have so far declined to comment on how the money could have ended up in Saha's account. They insist the funds were "uncleared" and could not have been withdrawn even if Saha had tried.

Bank sources have told the BBC that the bank's regional headquarters in Calcutta and national headquarters in Mumbai have been alerted and officials are trying to figure out what went wrong.

Saha, a school teacher, typically earns about $700 per month, BBC reported.

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