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Top 5 at 5: Business stories

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 Each day, we bring you a list of Top 5 stories. Sometimes they're the most read stories of the day, other times we focus on a specific region or category.

Today, we bring you the top stories from the business page.

1. Defined benefit pension plans had bleak 2011

Canadian pension plans took a turn for the worse in 2011, a report from a major consulting firm says.

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2. Nunavut's 1st diamond mine could re-open

Nunavut's first diamond mine might soon be back in business for the first time since it closed in 2008. The company that now owns the Jericho mine, which is 360 kilometres south of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, is preparing to look for diamonds there again.

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3. Second last asbestos mine goes bankrupt

One of Canada's last two remaining asbestos mines has declared bankruptcy. Owners of Quebec-based LAB Chrysotile cited costs and a lack of revenue for the move.

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4. RRSP contributions strong despite market turmoil: survey

Despite weak returns and a squeeze on take-home pay, over two-thirds of Canadians who participated in a recent bank survey said they plan to contribute the same amount or more to their RRSPs in 2012.

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5. Netflix streams 2 billion hours over 3 months

Netflix members watched more than two billion hours of content on the online streaming service last quarter.

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