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Community reaction to CEO salaries

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Tuesday's news that Canada's highest paid CEOs make nearly 200 times the salary of the average Canadian caused quite a stir among CBC community members.

The top 100 CEOs at companies listed on the S&P/TSX composite index earned about $8.38 million each in 2010, a report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives said.

That's 189 times higher than the $44,366 an average Canadian made working full time in 2010, the report says.

  • "If the difference had been 10 or even 15 times I might have shrugged this article off as "Yeah well they're the ones with their feet to the fire"... I realize this is a very small subset of working executives... but 189 times is so far beyond ludicrous as to be downright shameful. Moments like this make me want to side with those 'Occupy' types..." - ACommonTater
  • "Nobody's time is worth that much money!" - Hammerthumb
  • "You know where else money stays at the top of the ladder and does not circulate down the ladder? Third world countries." - WestConfederacy

We asked the CBC community whether Canada's highest paid CEOs are worth their salaries.

  • "Are they worth the amount they are making? Sure they are. But so am I and every other patriotic Canadian who sees a giant sized chunk of their earnings float away in taxes." - w8n4it
  • "Yes they are worth it, and even more. They must be doing something right by keeping the economy rolling and we wouldn't want to lose them to another country and such... I only wish I could hear or read in some media, that one of them gave half away to some charity, or how about all of them agreeing that since they make so much, they would form some kind of association and donate 10% every year. Perhaps some do, but I don't hear enough about it." - Inonuttin60

Some readers suggested ways to change the situation:

  • "In regard to publicly traded corporations, the government should pass a law that no CEO can earn more than 20 times what their average non-CEO employee earns." - legalguy
  • "How about a new law: the CEO and board can only make 10X that of THEIR average employee, that way if they want more money they have to give some to the workers too... Kinda like profit sharing, if you thing you deserve a big bonus then so do the rest of the employees." - tman558
  • "It would be nice to see the company names and amounts they pay their CEOs, so that those of us who are bothered by this can find alternative companies to park our money in." - Fayeted

Thank you, as always, for following our coverage. Feel free to continue the discussion in the comments.

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