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Should MPs who cross the floor have to face a byelection?

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Quebec MP Lise St-Denis announced Tuesday she is leaving the NDP to join the Liberal party in the House of Commons.

MP Lise St-Denis is defecting from the NDP to join the Liberal Party.MP Lise St-Denis is defecting from the NDP to join the Liberal Party. (House of Commons)St-Denis, who represents the riding of Saint-Maurice-Champlain, formerly the riding of former prime minister Jean Chrétien's riding, said the decision came after weeks of reflection.

"The choice that I'm making is motivated by the challenges faced by my riding," she said.

Whenever an MP crosses the floor, the issue is raised of whether such MPs should step down and go back to the riding's voters in a byelection.

CBC Community members seemed to back that idea.

"Wonder what those that voted for her think about it," wrote kyleboland.

"This type of foolishness should not be allowed. How about all those NDP votes she received? How do her constituents feel now?" wrote treehugger12.

"This should NOT be allowed to happen. These people are elected based on the specific support of the voters that cast a ballot either for the person or the party," wrote ProCanadian. "This shouldn't happen for ANY party. I'm not just picking on the Liberals. This has been done many times by every party and just feels un-Canadian."

Do you think crossing the floor should trigger a byelection in the MP's riding? Why or why not? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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