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Should fighting be a part of professional hockey?

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Hockey is a "beautiful game" and a "tribute to Canada," but fighting and head-shots shouldn't be part of the game, says Gov. Gen. David Johnston.

 Gov. Gen. David Johnston speaks with Evan Solomon on the rink outside his Rideau Hall residence. (CBC)Johnston spoke to Evan Solomon on Power & Politics on Thursday, ahead of Sunday's NHL All-Star game in Ottawa.

Johnston was an all-star player himself for Harvard University after playing on a 17-and-under team in Sault Ste. Marie with future NHL stars Phil and Tony Esposito.

"I call it the beautiful game because it is the fastest game in the world," said Johnston. "The intricacy of the play ... combines both a virtuosity of individual efforts but always as part of a team."

Johnston said that a number of things could be done to reduce the risk of concussions for hockey players, including cracking down on fighting.

"I think fighting is just ... it should not be a part of the game," he said.

Do you think fighting should be a part of professional hockey? Let us know what you think.

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