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January photo contest: Pick of the Day

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Today's photo was submitted by Louise Granahan, and is titled "Walk into the Light." It was taken near Crieff, Ont.

"I resolve to believe," Louise states simply.

louiseg-walk-into-light-1024.jpg(click to enlarge)

"Louise's image is quite lovely," says photo editor Timothy Neesam. "There's a real sense of calm to the picture and the light down the centre of the image creates a path for the figure to follow."

"Snow is really challenging to shoot, because the auto-exposure on our cameras tend to make snow look darker than it is. Brightening the image, or boosting the contrast would make the image a bit stronger. Nicely done."

Thanks for the submission!

We'll be posting your best shots with the theme of "resolutions" each day in January. At the end of the month, we'll select five finalists and ask you to vote for your favourite.

The contest winner will receive a prize courtesy of the CBC Shop.

How to enter

Upload your images here or to our CBC Your Voice Flickr pool, tagged with the words "January photo contest," or email them to: with "January photo contest" in the subject line.

Please note: Only Canadian residents will be eligible for the final prize.

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