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Do funeral homes charge too much for their services?

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 (iStockphoto)The co-owner of a Lethbridge, Alta., funeral home have pleaded guilty to one count of fraud for over-charging about 100 clients, prompting many comments from the CBC community about the cost of funeral ceremonies.

The Crown prosecutor said Ralph Zentner could be jailed for nine to 12 months, saying the accused took advantage of "people who were at their most vulnerable, people who were grieving, and looking to someone for help."

In a written statement, Zentner called the allegations false, but said he chose to take responsibility and change the funeral home's practices.

Members of the CBC community, including Legally Blonde, said funeral homes charge too much for their services, with some adding that the entire ceremony simple makes money out of others' grief.

  • "Unfortunately death is a part of life. That being said, we need to take the bull by the horns and let our loved ones know what we want before the event or purchase a plan with specifics. I keep drilling it into my kids that I want cheap - cardboard box and cremation. I've worked too hard for my money to see it burned in smoke and flames." - LegallyBlonde.
  • "There are a lot of shady funeral homes in this country, upselling little old ladies who want to give their spouses a proper burial (that's how they shame the customer into spending more money than they can afford). They take advantage of fellow human beings in their darkest hours...disgusting and disgraceful." - GullABull
  • "I find funeral homes to be rather parasitic! These fine folk prey on people's wallets while they are in a state of confusion, depression, misery, [and] grieving. They prey on their emotions." - OBSERVANCE
Do you think funeral homes charge too much for their services? Why or why not? Is a funeral an important part of paying tribute to a fallen loved one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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