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Would you donate toys in exchange for tattoos?

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A Tennessee tattoo parlour is offering fresh ink and piercings in exchange for Christmas toys. (iStock)

As Christmas approaches, several groups collect toys for less fortunate kids -- but one U.S. business stands out for its very permanent way of thanking donors.

The owner of a Tennessee tattoo parlour, House of Ink, is hosting a "Toys for Tattoos" exchange for the fourth year in a row, according to the Commercial Appeal information service.

Participants are asked to bring in toys of $25 US value or higher in exchange for a tattoo or piercing of a similar price.

The idea has been a hit in past years. Store employees have arrived to find toy-touting customers lined up around the block, waiting for the parlour to open.

In 2010, the shop far exceeded its goal of collecting 150 toys for a Tennessee-based child and family services organization. By Christmas, it was able to pass along 500 toys.

Store owner "Big Jay" Guzman told Commercial Appeal that he is a believing Christian who hopes tattoo artists can be seen as more than "criminals, bikers [and] degenerates."

Does the exchange appeal to you? If it's not your thing, would you recommend it to others? Do you know of other innovative approaches to collecting donations? Share your stories with us in the space below.

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