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Will the hacker space program make it to the moon?

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li-istock-rocket-584.jpgNow that the U.S has cut back its space program, independent groups and hackers are leading the next space race. (iStock)

Now that the U.S has severely cut back its space program, independent groups and private companies are taking up the challenge.

According to a report on CBC Radio's Spark, there's an amateur space race going on, and this time it has nothing to do with the U.S. and the Soviet Union, but instead sees space enthusiasts and hackers alike vying for a chance to go into orbit.  

A German hacker collective called the Chaos Computer Club is one of the key players, having recently put out the call for a three-phase space program that aims to put a hacker on the moon in 22 years.

Meanwhile, the Copenhagen Suborbitals, a non-profit Danish group founded four years ago, successfully launched a rocket into space in June.  

Though the groups are taking different approaches to the space race, both believe in working in an open-source environment in order to make use of people with expertise all over the world.

Both groups also believe space is no longer the exclusive realm of governments and big corporations and argue that, due to factors like the cheaper cost of building a rocket, it is passionate individuals who will be making the biggest leaps forward in space exploration in future.

Will hackers make it to the moon? Why or why not? In future, will it be individuals rather than governments that are leading the space race? Share your comments below.

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