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Top Community stories of 2011: Arab Spring, long-gun registry, Vancouver riots and more

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This photograph of March's "supermoon" over a frozen lake in Muskoka, Ont., is one of the many stunning contributions CBC community members have made to our site this year (Submitted by Michael W).

In the lead up to 2012, the CBC Community team would like to thank you for making our website a better place.

We have explored many topics with you this year, from hard-hitting news stories, such as the devastating tsunami that hit Japan in March, to more lighthearted items, such as whether your zodiac sign changed in January after the dates were re-adjusted.

Our most viewed item this year was a live blog that followed the uprising in Egypt, as CBC journalists in Cairo brought you moment-by-moment coverage of the ongoing protest.

We also had a lot of fun with you, finding out how many of you believe in the yeti and when you think someone owns too many cats.

No wrap up would be complete without our most sincere thanks for your contributions. Among other things, you sent us your breath-taking photos of March's "supermoon", shared your most personal memories on Remembrance Day, and lent us your eyes and ears during this year's biggest events.

We are grateful to all of you for following and contributing to our news coverage. We hope to see even more of you in the new year!

Top 10 stories of 2011:

  1. Live blog: Uprising in Egypt
  2. Long-gun registry: Where do you stand on the long-gun registry?
  3. CBC News community reacts to Vancouver riots
  4. Live Blog: Disaster in Japan
  5. Elizabeth May: Should the Green Party leader be invited to the TV debates?
  6. Zodiac signs: Has yours changed?
  7. Gallery: 'Supermoon' over Canada
  8. Your pictures of the Slave Lake fire
  9. Planned Parenthood: Do you think the Tories should cut its funding?
  10. How much coffee do you need to get you going?












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