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Has a targeted ad ever made you feel uneasy?

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Have you ever felt weirded out by an ad on a website that felt unusually targeted to you? Perhaps a Facebook ad that seemed to know a little too much about you?

 Has a targeted ad ever made you feel uneasy?(CBC)Canada's privacy commissioner will speak to advertisers and website developers Tuesday morning on federal privacy laws. Jennifer Stoddart has previously expressed her concerns about the digital trail of breadcrumbs Canadians are leaving on the internet and how it's being used.

Her worry is that behavioural advertising - tracking and profiling of website users and targeting ads to them - are not complying with Canada's federal private-sector privacy law, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, or PIPEDA.

Stoddart is expected to release a new guidance document to help those involved in targeted advertising comply with Canadian law.

Has a targeted ad ever made you feel uneasy? Were you surprised that an advertiser knew enough about you to tailor an ad to your interests? Let us about it in the comments below.


(This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' responses.)

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