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December photo contest: Pick of the day

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In today's photo contest pick of the day, CBC Community member ColeenRamsay uses an antique shop window as fodder for an eye-catching riff on this month's contest theme: "light after dark." 

li-antiques-500.jpg"Neat shot!" says CBC photo editor Evan Mitsui. "Interesting sense of place in this photo. Looks like it could be a museum or period film set, especially with that mannequin positioned at right."

The warm, interior shot inspired Evan to provide some excellent tips about how to handle the light in such a unique setting. 

"A couple of technical things jump out, one being the light balance. There are some really warm tones coming off of the incandescent bulbs in those lamps (possibly even candlelight?). The overall exposure comes across as a bit overly yellow. This is something you can adjust in-camera, either by manually setting the colour temperature (usually the icon looks like a 'K' for Kelvin -- think sunlight and light temperature), or just pick the incandescent light setting (usually a lightbulb icon).

"For me, I'd like to see this one cooled down, so I'd experiment with the manual WB options or opt for shooting under the daylight setting, just to see what you get!," says Evan.

"Also, we're getting just a bit of lens flare casting from that foreground lamp -- repositioning the camera angle slightly so those colourful 'oil spots' cast out of frame would solve that. Otherwise, cool shot! Really takes the viewer into what comes across as a very eclectic scene!"

We'll be posting your best shots each day in December. At the end of the month, we'll select five finalists and ask you to vote for your favourite.

The contest winner will receive a prize courtesy of the CBC Shop.

How to enter

Upload your images here or to our CBC Your Voice Flickr pool, tagged with the words "December photo contest," or email them to: with "December photo contest" in the subject line.

Please note: Only Canadian residents will be eligible for the final prize.

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