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Which word best describes your economic concerns?

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A collage made up of newspaper headlines hints at the current economic stresses occurring around the world. (iStock)

You might be forgiven for having a hard time keeping track of the Canadian economy.

One day, we can read a report that the Canadian economy grew by 0.3 per cent in August, the third consecutive monthly gain; the next, a separate news story suggests it will be harder for job seekers to find employment in the coming months.

Statistics and reports aside, the most compelling story of the economy is really about everyday Canadians, and that's why we're turning to you to help us tell it.
We'd like to hear about your economic concerns, and are asking you to tell us which words would best describe your relationship with the current Canadian economy.
You can share your answers by completing the fields below, and by choosing the word that best describes your feelings from the drop-down menus we've provided.
We'll use your answers to build an interactive map as part of our ongoing coverage of this important story.

We hope you'll share your feedback with us!

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