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What were 2011's most-used words?

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li-istock-word-584.jpgThe word "Occupy" tops a new list of 2011's most commonly used words. (iStock)

You weren't imagining it: "Occupy" really was on everybody's lips in 2011.

The word tops a new list of 2011's most commonly used words, according to The Telegraph. It has become popular since the Occupy Movement gained traction around the globe this fall

Other popular words and phrases to make an appearance on the Top 10 list include "deficit", "fracking", the derisive slang term "Trustafarian" and the German word "Kummerspeck," which apparently refers to weight gained from emotional overeating.

Terms like "Arab Spring" and "Royal Wedding" popped up on a separate list of the year's top phrases.

The lists of top words and phrases were both compiled as part of Global Language Monitor's 12th Annual Survey of Global English.

GLM president Paul JJ Payack says many of this year's top words reflect the political and economic uncertainty currently affecting much of the developed world.

The lists got us thinking about other words, abbreviations and slang terms that were ubiquitous in 2011 (including some - tiger blood! - we wish we'd never heard). "Royal visit" comes to mind, as does "#fail."

What do you think were the most commonly used words in 2011? If there are any popular words or phrases we haven't included in the survey options, please share them with us in the comments field below.

(This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' responses.)

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