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Top 5 at 5: British Columbia stories

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bc-archive-voting-584.jpgMunicipal voter turnout in B.C. has dropped to the lowest in Canada. (CBC)

The lead-up to Vancouver's civic elections and the eviction of Occupy protesters in Victoria topped the most-read stories from British Columbia and landed on the front page for over most of the day. Here are the top five stories from the region.

1) Occupy Victoria protesters go quietly

A number of Occupy Victoria protesters apparently heeded a Saturday morning eviction deadline, as police found dozens of tents abandoned or dismantled.

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2) Voter turnaround sought in B.C. election trend

B.C. pundits and politicians will be watching closely Saturday night, not just to learn the results, but to see if there's any change in voters' increasing apathy with local elections.

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3) RCMP officer faces 2 sexual coercion allegations

A female officer with the RCMP in Vancouver says she was intimidated and coerced into having sexual relations with a male superior, and now another woman has come forward with similar allegations about the same B.C. Mountie.

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4) Pickton inquiry won't protect former prostitute

A former prostitute described as the only one who got away from serial killer Robert Pickton won't get the same protections as other witnesses during the missing women's inquiry.

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5) BC Ferry hits dock in Nanaimo

A B.C. ferry has struck the dock while entering the Departure Bay terminal at Nanaimo. B.C. Ferry spokeswoman Deborah Marshall is calling the incident "a hard landing."

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