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November photo contest: pick of the day

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November photo contest: pick of the day

Today's pick of the day for our November photo contest is from Freedom II Photography on the CBC Community Flickr group.


November's photo contest is searching for your most extreme close-ups.

Macro photography is about looking closely. Really closely. So closely, in fact, that you can see the tiniest details, pattens and textures that make your subject really unique. You can make out the individual strands of fluff in this shot of a dandelion in seed.

This month we're challenging you to give us your best close-ups, or "macros" as they're known in the photography world.

We've asked's multimedia department for some tips, and photo editor Timothy Neesam has delivered.

Macro photography, Neesam says, brings two important elements into play: depth of field and exposure.

Most macro photographs feature a shallow depth of field, meaning one area of the image will be in sharp focus while its surroundings often blur. This means focus, although important all images, is especially important to nail when you're taking a macro photograph.

As for exposure, you'll want to have lots of light on your subject so the camera can pick up the details you want.

Most point-and-shoot cameras come with a macro setting - usually a flower on your camera's dial - though may achieve better results through manual control. If you have a DSLR you can equip your camera with a specific macro lens, or reach for a zoom lens which may also give good results. Putting your camera on a tri-pod will help immensely with this project.

If you're looking for things to shoot, we've enjoyed close-ups of flowers, insects, toys and drops of water, but we can't wait to see what imaginative shots you capture.
The contest winner will receive a prize courtesy of the CBC Shop.

How to enter

Upload your images here or to our CBC Your Voice Flickr pool, tagged with the words "November photo contest," or email them to: with "November photo contest" in the subject line.

Please note: Only Canadian residents will be eligible for the final prize.

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