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Does Facebook spam make you more inclined to quit the site?

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Some Facebook users' pages were recently flooded with pornographic spam after a malicious attack. (iStock)

In addition to the inundation of ads, friend requests and tagged party photos they navigate through each day, some Facebook users have been contending with a new nuisance: porn.  

The recent wave of pornographic spam, which flooded some Facebook users' pages with graphic images of sex and violence, has mostly been stopped, reports The Canadian Press.

In a statement given to news agency dapd Wednesday, Facebook in Germany said the spam problem is now mostly under control, but still urged users to remain vigilant and guard their accounts from being hacked.

Facebook said it built enforcement mechanisms to quickly shut down the malicious pages and accounts, and assures users no data or accounts were compromised by the attack.

Were you affected by the recent Facebook spam? Does Facebook spam make you more inclined to quit the site? Why or why not? Share your comments below.

(This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' responses.)

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