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Do you plan to Occupy Christmas this holiday season?

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 (Geoff Howe/The Canadian Press)Adbusters is taking the Occupy campaign from the tent cities to a new location: the shopping mall.

The Vancouver-based counterculture magazine widely credited with launching the Occupy Wall Street protests and countless other offshoots around the world, is exhorting its followers to "Occupy Christmas" by boycotting holiday gift shopping during the upcoming festive season.

It's this year's permutation of their 20th annual Buy Nothing Day. The article on their website says: "As the global protests of the 99% against corporate greed and casino capitalism continues, lets take the opportunity to hit the empire where it really hurts...the wallet."

"I think the people who want to continue business as usual, making as much money this year as they made last year, I think they need to go deeper and look at the larger perspective," said Adbusters co-founder Kalle Lasn.

Needless to say, retailers aren't warm to the idea of organized chaos.

Sally Ritchie, vice-president of communications for the Retail Council of Canada, denounced "Occupy Christmas" as an outrage that would threaten the livelihood of workaday Canadians.

"It's a highly undemocratic sentiment, really," Ritchie said. "I just don't think that people are going to respond very positively to this campaign."

Do you plan to "Occupy Christmas" by boycotting holiday shopping this season? Can gift shopping, gift giving, and spending time with family and friends co-exist during the season? Let us know in the comments section below.

(This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' responses.)

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