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Do you have confidence in the RCMP?

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The RCMP is expected to announce Wednesday that veteran officer Bob Paulson will be the Mounties' next commissioner.

 Bob Paulson, the RCMP's deputy commissioner for federal policing, will succeed William Elliott as commissioner, CBC News has learned. (Tara Brautigam/Canadian Press)Paulson has been with the RCMP for 25 years and currently works as its deputy commissioner for federal policing in Ottawa. He has spent most of his policing career in B.C.

Paulson faces a host of issues at the RCMP, including possible unionization, problems with the pension fund and civilian oversight. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews says one of the first things he plans to bring up with the new commissioner is the Mounties' handling of sexual harassment complaints.

The organization's public image has taken a beating lately, with a number of high-profile cases of officer misconduct, especially in B.C.

Do you have confidence in the RCMP? Do you think Bob Paulson can deal with the many issues facing the Mounties? Let us know in the comments below.

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