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What should be done to help Canada's poor?

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li-poverty-canada-584.jpgCampaign 2000 says 639,000 children still live in poverty in Canada -- one in every 10 children. Among aboriginal children, the rate is one in four. (Jeff McIntosh/Canadian Press)

A national advocacy group says it is shocked by how little Canada has done to reduce child poverty despite promises made 20 years ago to eradicate it by 2000.

In its annual report card, Campaign 2000 said one in every 10 Canadian children, or 639,000 nationwide, lives in poverty. Additionally, more than 323,000 kids are part of families that rely on food banks.
The incomes of Canada's poorest families have also stagnated since 1989 even though the economy has doubled, according to the report, released Wednesday.

"The gap between rich and poor families has continued to widen, and low-income and average-income families are left struggling to keep up," says Laurel Rothman, national co-ordinator of Campaign 2000.
The group recommends a number of changes to help improve conditions for the poor, including a boost in child benefits for low-income families, the creation of a federal minimum wage and a national housing strategy.
Should Canada be doing more to help low-income families? What steps should be taken to help Canada's poor? Share your comments below.

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