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Are you planning to ditch your bank?

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An Occupy Oakland protester voices his frustration with the Bank of America. (Paul Sakuma/Associated Press)

A new social media campaign is urging consumers to ditch the big banks and switch to their local credit union.

Billed as "Bank Transfer Day," the movement has already seen 650,000 customers in the U.S. make the switch over the past four weeks.

Though the pushback is not officially affiliated with the global Occupy movement, it shares that movement's anti-corporate sentiments.

Canadian credit unions are hoping to cash in on the occasion to promote their own financial institutions as a better option for consumers. Meridian, Ontario's largest credit union, was touting the advantages of credit unions over traditional banks in the lead-up to Bank Transfer Day.

Are you planning to make the switch? Why or why not? Have your say below.

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