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Top 5: Things we love online

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In an effort to make sense of how social media is being used on the internet, each day we'll break down five online trends. Whether it's what trending on Twitter -- and why -- or the most viewed videos on YouTube, our top five list will ensure you're in the know about what's happening online.
Today we look at a few of our favourite photos and videos.

1.) Joey quits his job

An intrepid young mans find a creative and elaborate way to quit his job. The internet responds by watching him do so nearly 50,000 times.

2.) Occupy Tumblr

Activists take to social networking blog tool, Tumblr to help spread their message. The site is populated by personal letters from Americans, explaining their own trials and tribulations.


3.) Facebook Official

We're going to go out on a limb and say this new video from former N'Sync member Lance Bass is fake. But even if you believe it to be the real thing, everyone is talking about Heart2Heart's new single, Facebook Official. Go on girl, let's make it official.

4.) Emmanuel Kelly

Every year without fail the reality show X Factor produces one insanely heart wrenching video that is impossible to watch without crying. First it was Susan Boyle and now it's handsome, tearjerker Emmanuel Kelly. Seriously, we dare you to watch this without shedding at least one tear.

5.) Maru in slow motion

Did the world's most famous Japanese cat just get a little more famous and a little more cute? Yup, that is Maru jumping after toys in slow motion, and yes you are allowed to watch this more than once. We won't judge.

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