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Spotted: Scenes from the Occupy Canada protests

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As crowds of demonstrators gathered across the world Saturday, a movement begun on Wall Street turned into a global protest.

In Canada, cities from coast to coast joined in and protesters expressed their frustrations with the growing disparity between the classes.

The demonstrations seemed to cross age and class lines, as the photo gallery above shows.

In the video below, protesters gather in downtown Moncton to express themselves.

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Comments continue to pour in from community members, who are at turns supportive and dismissive.

  • "People are fed up and are standing up to a system that works for 1% of the population. The 99% are finally waking up and are asking questions." - El_Padroni
  • "Our system has been hijacked by big business whose control of the government allows it to enact legislation that allows the top 1% to grow richer by the day while the rest of us struggle just to make ends meet. One thing we can all count on; you can only push people so far before they start pushing back." - iwanttobelieve
  • "The protesters are supposed to be camping out and it's cold and raining all week. The only thing they are going to accomplish is making themselves sick." - uranusmile
  • "Maybe we could setup some basic economics and personal finance class for them nearby, since they're all in one place. Once they learn how the banking system really works the protest would be over." - DK2DK2

What do you think of the Occupy movement? Are you planning on attending the ongoing demonstrations?

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