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Do you think you have the exercise gene?

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li-tely-runners-584.jpgResearchers at McMaster University in Hamilton have discovered a gene that may explain why some people are energetic and others aren't. (CBC)

Ever wonder why one person has boundless energy and another has no get up and go?
Researchers at McMaster University have found a possible answer, after isolating a key gene they believe is linked to exercise, reports CBC News.

The McMaster team was working with mice, some of which had two genes removed. The genes control the AMP-activated protein kinase (or AMPK), an enzyme that is released during exercise.

While mice like to run, the mice without the genes were not as active as mice with the genes, and could only run short distances compared to the miles covered by the rodents who possessed the AMPK gene.
The McMaster research is available in the current issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and though study results involving mice are not always applicable to people, the research suggests a direct correlation between AMPK and exercise.

What do you think of McMaster's findings? Do you have the exercise gene? Share your comments in the field below.

(This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' responses.)

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