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Should prisons accommodate inmates' individual needs?

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A Michigan inmate says a county jail violated his civil rights by refusing to provide him with pornography, reports the Huffington Post.

Kyle Richards, 21, claims he's being subjected to a "poor standard of living" and sexual sensory deprivation" after Macomb County Jail officers denied him access to erotic material.

Prisons allow some pornographic material, but it's banned at the jail, the Michigan Department of Corrections told The Detroit News.

Elsewhere, a convicted killer's family is suing New York state - for calling him an "inmate," reports the Daily Mail. In a $50 million US lawsuit, Gerard Domond's family says the term implies the 49-year-old was "mating with other men". Domond's family wants the state to stop using the word because it causes him mental anguish.

How far do you think should prisons go to accommodate prisoners? Are the claims above legitimate, or over the top? Are their needs, such as allergies, that should be accommodated? Let us know in the comments below.

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