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Your royal encounters of yesteryear

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We asked you to send in photos of your royal encounters, and you sent us some wonderful images spanning the decades of royal visits to Canada, and Canadians visiting the U.K. 

Check out some of the remarkable pictures in the gallery above.

You also shared memorable stories and some of your favourite anecdotes.

Read some of your royal encounters below!

Salam Kahil shares, "In 1986 I met princess Diana and prince Charles at Christ Church cathedral on Georgia St in Vancouver.  As a matter of fact I still have the Church program for that service. Hoping to meet the children someday."

Linda Harrison remembers an interesting chance encounter with Queen Elizabeth!

"When I was a young child living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I was visiting my grandparents at their home on Borebank Avenue. I was playing outside in the front yard with my cousins and aunt and uncle. To our great surprise a large black automobile drove by very slowly directly in front of my grandparents' house and we could clearly see Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip in the back seat ... Their driver and assistant clearly were studying a map and it was apparent they were completely lost."

Linda Poole fondly recalls meeting Prince Charles, saying, I was able to "engage in a brief conversation with the Prince. Very charming man!"

Betty Buley of Summerside, P.E.I., recounts a memorable encounter with the Duke and Duchess of York many years ago.

"As a member of the Summerside Community Choir, I had the great honour of performing on stage for the Duke and Duchess of York, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson on July 17th, 1989 ...  It was very exciting to sing 'The Island Hymn' for them ...
It was all very memorable," she shares.

Denise Weigum wrote to us about Prince Charles and Lady Diana's visit to New Brunswick in 1983.

"Several of my friends and I gathered in front of the church they were to attend at 11:00 a.m.  We waited from 4:30 in the morning in the rain until they exited the church.  They walked to greet the crowd and we were up front and had the opportunity to get some great pictures," wrote Denise.

Donna Parker of Charlottetown, P.E.I. remembers her husband's meeting with Prince Charles.

"We were there with our two small children, who were most thrilled to see Britannia, the royal yacht," wrote Donna.

"My husband, Rick, shook hands with Prince Charles ... He also had a 'several sentences' conversation with him, but can only recall it being about the weather," she added.

Jennifer Gibson remembers with glee, the time she met Princess Diana in Kingston, Ont.

"In 1991, I travelled by myself on the train from Oshawa, Ont., to Kingston to meet with some of my aunts, to line up to see Princess Diana, Prince Charles and the boys.  It was such an exciting trip and I will remember it forever," she wrote.

Jena Leung wrote to tell us about her Canada Day meeting with the Queen in 2004, not in Canada, but in the U.K.

"My family was vacationing in the U.K., and we happened to be in Kirriemuir, Scotland, on July 1 ... When Her Majesty arrived, she walked around to talk to people. As she came near, I seized the chance to call out "Greetings from Canada" and she stopped to talk to me. She is such a gracious lady," wrote Jena.

Share your story with us today. We're looking for your photos, videos and stories of your encounter.

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