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Top 5 at 5: Senate debates Canada Post bill, Canadian soldier named, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz wed

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1. Senate weighs Canada Post back-to-work bill

The Senate has started debating the Conservative government's legislation to end the labour dispute at Canada Post, meaning mail service could resume across Canada in the next few days.

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2. Canada Post back-to-work bill clears House

A Conservative bill ordering 48,000 Canada Post employees back to work cleared the House of Commons on Saturday night after a marathon debate and several failed opposition efforts to win changes.

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3. Jailed killer wins $6K settlement

A high-profile convict has won a $6,000 out-of-court settlement from Correctional Services of Canada after guards distributed a newspaper article about him to other prisoners.

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4. Canadian soldier who died in Afghanistan identified

The military has identified a Canadian soldier who died this weekend from non-combat-related wounds.

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5. Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz tie the knot

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, who play husband and wife in an upcoming film, have taken the roles to heart.

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