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Top 5 at 5: Mon., May 23, 2011

Categories: Canada, World

1. Missouri tornado death toll hits 89

The death toll has climbed to 89 after a massive tornado blasted its way across southwestern Missouri and slammed into the city of Joplin with apocalyptic force, tearing into a hospital and upending dozens of cars.

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2. Iceland's volcanic ash drifts toward U.K.

Ash from an Icelandic volcano is being blown toward Scotland, forcing one airline to cancel nearly all its flights and Barack Obama to cut short his visit to Ireland amid fears of the huge flight disruptions that stranded millions of passengers a year ago.

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3. Glue gun used in workplace assault

Police in St. John's expect to lay charges in a workplace confrontation that involved an unusual weapon: a glue gun.

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4. Dispute between Quebec police officers leaves 1 dead

A domestic dispute on Montreal's South Shore may have been at the root of a shooting involving two provincial police officers that left one dead and the other wounded.

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5. Obama revels in his Irish roots

Beaming before an exultant sea of people in central Dublin, U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday revelled in his distant Irish ancestry, offering spirited thanks from tens of millions of Americans who trace their own connections to Ireland.

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