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Winner! Election photo caption challenge: April 28, 2011

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Each day during the election campaign, we'll be selecting a photo and asking you for your wittiest caption suggestions.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May rallies supporters at the Viscount Aero Center Hangar in Victoria, B.C., on April 27. (Arnold Lim/Canadian Press)

We posted this photo on Thursday and asked for your best and wittiest captions. Here's the winner:

"Simon says: MAKE LIKE A TREE!" - GlobeTrotter444

Honourable mentions:

"Before we go on could someone change the two light bulbs up there to the left and the two over there to the right to new energy efficient ones?" - Blurry

"Making a G with your fingers is really tough so I'm going with V for vegetables.....some of them are green" - SouthOntBoy

"FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK .... I SALUTE YOU!!" - Jason Mundeling (from Facebook)


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