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Youth vote: Are you seeing more engagement among young people?

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The youth vote has become one of the hottest topics in the federal election campaign, as "vote mobs" of students have taken place across Canada and videos encouraging young people to cast ballots on May 2 have gone viral on social networks.

Some credit CBC's Rick Mercer for inspiring the early vote mobs. The political satirist aired a rant on Rick Mercer Report in late March challenging young Canadians to vote.

Mercer spoke with CBC Metro Morning host Matt Galloway on Wednesday about the recent youth movement.

"I'm excited about what's happened," Mercer said. "When I saw the first vote mob in Guelph, I just thought it was just tremendous.... I never saw young people that positive before. [They're] way more positive than I was when I was that age. I'd be yelling 'down with ... down with... !' They were yelling 'up with ... up with!' They were waving flags, they're signing O Canada and just saying 'surprise, we're voting.' "

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Are you seeing more political engagement among Canadian youth in this election? If you're a young voter, tell us why you think voting is important. You can write a Citizen Byte blog entry or send us an election-themed song or video. Read what some vote mobbers have to say.

(This survey is not scientific. It is based on readers' responses.)

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