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Social media snapshot: April 27, 2011

Categories: Politics

We're examining the leaders' social media footprints from now until the end of the election campaign next week.

This chart displays the leaders' Twitter followings from the writ drop to the present.

All of the leaders' counts have increased steadily throughout the campaign -- but note the spike in followers for all of the leaders between April 12 and April 13, the day of the English-language leaders' debates. Even Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe, who had the smallest gain of the five leaders, gained nearly 1,000 followers in that 24-hour period.

Here, we have Wednesday's visual look at the leaders' followings on Facebook and Twitter. While it looks much like Tuesday's graph, NDP Leader Jack Layton has surpassed Conservative Leader Stephen Harper in terms of "likes" on Facebook.

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