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Citizen Byte: Linda Gibson Chubb - Believing in fairy tales

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Linda-52.jpgLinda Gibson Chubb is a business analyst whose previous brush with royalty occurred when she caught a glimpse of the Queen during the monarch's stop in Ottawa for Canada Day. Now Linda and her husband Archie are headed to London, England, in hopes they'll get an equally good view of the royal wedding.

My husband Archie and I are leaving today for London, England, for the big wedding!
I am a business analyst working for the government and he is retired and is currently taking an Egyptology course through the University of Manchester. He also recently worked in a new tomb they found in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt.
We had our own fairy tale wedding in September of 2006. My husband and I met when we were teenagers and then did not see each other for 42 years. When I did a search for him on Google in 2004, I found him and it turned out he had been waiting for my call!
We went to England last June for a two-week vacation and were told that the trooping of the colours would occur on the Monday for the unofficial birthday for the Queen. However, it turned out it was actually on Saturday and by the time we found out, we arrived there an hour late. Just in time to see everyone leaving! We still walked down to Buckingham Palace and took a picture of the empty balcony!
Two weeks later we got to see the Queen in Ottawa for Canada Day. We reserved our spot by the barricades early and were able to see her right in front of us as the carriage stopped to let her out.
So now we are off to see another fairy tale wedding. Look for us in the crowd. I have our Canadian flags ready and my hat!

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