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Pro-Palestinian demonstrators outside the Israeli Embassy in London following an Israeli naval commando attack of ships carrying aid to Gaza. (Akira Suemori/Associated Press)

1.) Canadian CO relieved of Kandahar duty

Brig.-Gen. Daniel Ménard has been relieved of command of Canadian troops in Afghanistan following allegations he was involved in an inappropriate personal relationship while in theatre.
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2.) Israeli PM rejects UN nuclear moves
A new resolution from a United Nations conference on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty unfairly singles out Israel while ignoring Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during an exclusive interview with CBC News.
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3.) BP will try new oil cap after 'top kill' fails
BP is working on a new plan to stop oil that's gushing from a damaged well into the Gulf of Mexico after crews spent three days pumping heavy drilling mud into the site, only to declare the operation a failure.
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4.) N. Korea rally heightens tensions
Thousands of people pack the Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang for a rally condemning South Korea and the U.S.Thousands of people pack the Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang for a rally condemning South Korea and the U.S. (Kyodo News/Associated Press)About 100,000 people gathered in the North Korean capital Pyongyang on Sunday to denounce South Korea and the United States, heightening cross-border tensions over the sinking of one of the South's warships.
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5.) Passenger removed from plane diverted to Montreal
An Aeromexico plane flying to Mexico City from Paris had to land late Sunday afternoon at Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport in Montreal to remove a passenger.
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A lobster boat heads in to the wharf with the first catch of the day at North Rustico Harbour, P.E.I.

Submitted by LuvLobster

Actor Gary Coleman, best known for his role in "Diff'rent Strokes,". (Associated Press)

1.) Summit costs audit requested by Liberals

The Opposition Liberals have asked federal Auditor General Sheila Fraser to conduct an audit into the government's cost estimates of $930 million for security measures at the upcoming G8 and G20 summits.
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2.) Apple iPad hits Canada amid controversy
The iPad officially hit Apple stores in Canada on Friday, and like seemingly all much-hyped products, it comes with a healthy dose of controversy.
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3.) Diff'rent Strokes star Gary Coleman dies
Gary Coleman, best known as the child star of the TV sitcom Diff'rent Strokes, has died after suffering an intracranial hemorrhage from a fall at his Utah home earlier this week.
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4.) Obama tours oily shores in Louisiana
U.S. President Barack Obama is touring Louisiana to get a first-hand look at the impacts of the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
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5.) Clement slammed for promo video
Industry Minister Tony Clement is under fire for taking part in a promotional video for a private company trying to rustle up business in China.
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A TTC subway operator looks out the window of the car as passengers board at the Yonge and Bloor Station. (Kevin Frayer/Canadian Press)

Toronto Transit Commission vice-chair Joe Mihevc is inviting commuters to complete what he calls a passenger audit of the system's subway stations.

Those who want to take part should to go to the station they visit most often and complete a questionnaire -- found at -- that assesses the state of the station.

The questionnaire asks riders to report, for example, whether they think a station is clean enough, whether they feel safe in the station and if there is adequate signage.

We want you to do a passenger audit of your city's public transit stations. From Vancouver's SkyTrain to the Montreal Metro, tell us what improvements need to be made. Whether you think your regular station is the grimiest in Canada or is among the country's best run, we want to hear about it.

Here's how you can help:

After a heat wave hit Montreal, residents were thankful for yesterday's rain.

Submitted by Lorna50


Former Conservative cabinet minister Helena Guergis. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)

1.) Summit costs hit $1.1B
The cost of hosting the G8 and G20 summits next month in Ontario now stands at $1.1 billion and further outlays are likely, federal documents show.
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2.) Guergis not welcome back: Tories
Former cabinet minister Helena Guergis, who was booted out of the Conservative caucus after Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he learned of "serious" allegations relating to her conduct, will never be readmitted, CBC News has learned.
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3.) Where the money could've gone
It's no surprise, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews says, of the $930 million it will cost to make sure more than 20 world leaders -- and their entourages -- are safe when they come for three days in Ontario at the end of June.
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4.) Summit costs audit requested by Liberals
The Opposition Liberals have asked federal Auditor General Sheila Fraser to conduct an audit into the government's cost estimates of $930 million for security measures at the upcoming G8 and G20 summits.
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5.) Active hurricane season could exacerbate spill
The 2010 Atlantic hurricane season is promising to be extremely active, a development that could spell trouble for U.S. states already dealing with the fallout from the BP oil disaster.
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Prime Minister Stephen Harper addresses the G20 Sherpas' meeting in Ottawa in March. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)

As Huntsville, Ont., and Toronto prepare to welcome world leaders to next month's G8
and G20 summits, we asked you whether Canada will benefit from hosting the meetings.
Of the 878 people who responded to our poll by Thursday at noon, 83 per cent said
that Canada won't benefit from the summits. Only 12 per cent believed the country would benefit from hosting the meetings, and another five per cent were undecided.
Many readers have criticized the huge cost of the conferences, now at $1.1 billion. The cost includes $160 million for hospitality, infrastructure, food safety and extra staffing. That is in addition to the $933-million security bill the Tories revealed earlier this week.

"The amount of money they are spending on this is right out to lunch. We have the facilities and means to have a secure meeting without the spending an outrageous amount of our tax dollars," oldwoman50 wrote.
Canuck94 agreed. "$1.1 billion dollars for an event that will result in photo-ops and non-binding resolutions is a scam of colossal proportions and citizens have every right to be ticked-off."
Some readers wondered whether using web video conferencing would have reduced some of the expenses.
"I don't understand why in this age of advanced technology we have to pay one billion dollars to wine, dine and entertain world leaders. I would think the same thing could be accomplished via video conferencing at a fraction of the cost," countryboy08 wrote.
Allegorya suggested that public services were more deserving of the money.
"Just a fraction of this money spent on education or healthcare would be beneficial. When was the last time anyone heard of them actually accomplishing ANYTHING at one of these things?"

Readers who supported the summits' hefty price tag often cited the importance of maintaining the delegates' safety, especially in Toronto, where thousands of protesters and activists are expected to gather.

Mnovak wrote that it would be disastrous for Canada if even one major world leader was injured.
"Now imagine the damage to our tourism, exports and general trade that would cause."
James in Kanata argued that the $1-billion cost is worth it for the chance to host such important meetings.
"This is the most significant economic conference in 50 years and Canada was ASKED to host it. [It's] a prestigious honour to host these conferences and history is already being made."

What do you think about the cost of the G8 and G20 summits? Leave your comment below.


TV personality Art Linkletter on the set of his show Art Linkletter's House Party. (David F. Smith/Associated Press)

1.) Tories blasted for summit security costs
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is blaming the Conservative government's "poor management" for the ballooning of security cost estimates for next month's G8 and G20 summits to almost $1 billion.
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2.) BP starts 'top kill' procedure to stop oil leak
BP has started a "top kill" procedure meant to stop the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico by pumping heavy mud into it.
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3.) Seniors could outnumber children within years
The number of people in Canada at least 65 years old could outnumber children under 15 for the first time within five years, Statistics Canada said Wednesday.
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4.) First Nations water bill tabled
The federal government has introduced a bill to regulate drinking water on First Nations reserves.
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5.) Art Linkletter dies at 97
Art Linkletter, the Moose Jaw, Sask.-born host of the popular TV show People Are Funny, has died at 97.
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This shot was taken of a distant downtown Toronto on a hot and still May 25.

Submitted by DiWalton
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