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Party Finance Watch: It's quarterly/annual report time at Elections Canada!

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The latest quarterly party financial reports are up at the Elections Canada website, and the results are ... pretty much what one might expect, really, as far as the respective mid-year hauls to date, with each party reporting roughly half the take from the same quarter in 2010 - which, of course, coincided with the 2011 election campaign. 

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Liveblogging the Conservative tour in Etobicoke: "National Folklore Costumes" Not Required

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What with all the fuss over that presumably best-of-intentioned, if somewhat clumsily-worded invitation that a local Conservative organizer sent out to various Toronto-area ethnic and cultural groups in an effort to assemble a suitably picturesque human backdrop for tonight's Conservative rally, I figured I may as well head over to see the show -- especially when I found out that a few local anti-Harper activists are trying to put together a short-order protest -- or, as the advisory puts it, "ethnic costume party" -- to greet the CPC bus convoy as it pulls in. 

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