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Tories poised to enshrine support for military in party constitution

Despite the fact that it was, somewhat unaccountably, a last-minute addition to the (now finalized) list of resolutions slated for debate at the upcoming convention, it seems distinctly unlikely that the proposal to add the following text to the Conservative Party statement of principles ....

"A belief that Canada should continue its strong heritage of national defence, supporting a well-armed military, honouring those who serve, and promoting our history and traditions"

... will generate nearly as much controversy as the Great NDP Preamble Debate -- except, perhaps, amongst card-carrying Conservatives who are shocked to discover that their party's support for the military isn't already covered in the current constitution.

Then again, given the looming floor fight over how they're going to pick their next leader, perhaps it's for the best that they'll be able to kick off the constitutional plenary session with a rousing show of unanimity. 

For more on what to expect at #CPC13, check out my previews of the policy and party constitutional debates that could make it to the floor in Calgary next week. 

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