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MPs reject call to investigate House-billed byelection travel costs

In what seems to be the latest trend in procedural up-anteing, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has apparently joined the increasingly grudge-based push for microtargeted parliamentary transparency with a bid to investigate whether some MPs have billed by-election-related travel expenses to their House budgets. 

Shortly after Question Period, she rose to seek unanimous consent for a motion to have the Board of Internal Economy "investigate Members' possible use of the Travel Points System for the purpose of participating in by-election campaigns during or immediately preceding the writ period."

As was the case with yesterday's pro-transparency initiative from Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau,  her request was rejected - but according to a subsequent tweet from May, this time around, the objections came from the Conservative side of the House.

I've asked the government house leader's office to confirm or debunk the claim that it was their caucus that blocked the motion, and as soon as I hear back, I'll update this post with the details - as well as the rationale, if given.

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