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Perennial US presidential hopeful Ron Paul talks politics at ManningFest 2013

Former congressman and seemingly perennial maverick Republican primary candidate Ron Paul is set to hit the stage at this year's Manning Centre Networking Conference, where he will share his thoughts on the world around him during a Q&A session led by Manning himself.

Also on the #MNC2013 agenda today:

        • Lightning-round debates on 'Big Tent Conservativism' -- and, more specifically, the 'possible sticking points' between social conservatives and libertarians, Red and Blue Tories, and green conservatives and 'enviroskeptics'

        • A discussion on conservative foreign policy, with speakers to include former diplomat Colin Robertson, former PMO policy and research director Mark Cameron, former Citizenship and Immigration Minister Monte Solberg and Rideau Institute director Steven Staples

        • Concurrent sessions on 'advancing conservatives politically' with current Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and Minister of State for Small Business Maxime Bernier, and women in politics with Conservative MPs Michelle Rempel, Joan Crockatt and Candice Bergen

        • 'After Attawapiskat', which looks at new approaches to the age-old issue of aboriginal policy, with former Indian and Northern Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl and former PMO chief of staff Guy Giorno, as well as former Kamloops Indian Chief Manny Jules

        • An examination of the current state of the conservative movement in the United States with former PMO chief of staff Ian Brodie, former US ambassador David Wilkins, US political commentator Bill Whittle and  Heritage Foundation 'chief Spanish language spokesman' Israel Ortega

        • Panel discussions on conservatives in municipal politics, revamping the equalization system and 'breaking up the health care monopoly

        • The release of the latest findings on Canadian public opinion in certain key conservative areas, which will be presented by pollster Andre Turcotte and 'electoral data expert' Mitch Wexler

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty heads behind closed doors to talk fiscal projections with his circle of private sector economists. 

Back in the House, MPs will spend the few hours that remain before the Chamber rise for a week-long constituency break engaging in now rigidly time-allocated debate on the government's proposed technical tax amendments. Later this afternoon, NDP MP Sana Hassainia will get her final opportunity to convince her Commons colleagues to support her bid to extend parental leave for parents of multiples.

Also on the Hill today: Manitoba Metis Federation president David Chartrand will comment on the 'historic' ruling the Supreme Court is expected to hand down today on land rights in Manitoba. According to the advisory, representatives from the Metis National Council will also be on hand to share their thoughts on the decision, which will be released later this morning.

Outside the precinct, Industry Minister Christian Paradis 'highlights the key findings' of a new report on language of work in Quebec businesses not covered by the Official Languages Act.

On the west coast, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May joins her BC counterpart, Jane Stark, and Vancouver's first Green city councillor, Adriane Carr, for a press conference to mark International Women's Day.

Finally, interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae heads to Muskoka, where he's set to be celebrated at a 'Thanks a Million, Bob' fundraiser/reception in Huntsville before heading still more northerly on Saturday to tour the SNOLAB underground laboratory in Lively.
For up to the minute dispatches from the precinct and beyond, keep your eye on the Parliament Hill Ticker below -- or, alternatively, bookmark it and check back throughout the day. 

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