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Liberal MP calls on CRTC to investigate Conservative robocalls in SK

Saskatchewan's lone opposition MP is calling on the CRTC to investigate those previously mysterious robocalls that have been bombarding bemused locals with a thinly veiled anti-redistribution message in push-ish poll form.

Hours before Conservative spokesman Fred DeLorey's sheepish admission that his party had, in fact, been behind the campaign, Liberal MP Ralph Goodale filed a formal request with agency chair Jean-Pierre Blais, asking him to "look into the matter on an urgent basis to determine what is going on and .. apply penalties that may be relevant."

The letter also points out that the campaign may fall afoul of federal anti-phone spam rules, which "clearly require a telemarketer to identify the client on whose behalf it is calling."

(It's worth noting that the Guelph Liberal riding association was hit with a hefty fine for breaching that same rule during the last election, a fact that the government's robocall pointman in the House, Pierre Poilievre, has been only too happy to bring up whenever the topic has arisen in the past. Whether he will continue to do so, mind you, what with the possibility that his party may find itself facing the very same fate, remains to be seen.) 

In any case, here's the full text of the letter: 
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