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Att'n Elxn Cda complainants: Democracy Watch wants you!

Undaunted, it seems, by Elections Canada's steadfast refusal to lift the curtain on its closed-door enforcement process, the tireless transparency advocates at Democracy Watch have issued an open call to Canadians who have made complaints in the past to send along copies of any ruling letters sent out by the Commissioner of Elections since 1997.

The group has also alerted the Information Commissioner to its dissatisfaction with the agency's response to previous ATI requests, and, just for good measure, wants a "full public inquiry" into its record.  

According to DW director Tyler Sommers, the plan is to send out a "full blast" with more details on its crowdsourcing campaign in the next few days. Once the letters start to roll in, he's hoping to make "virtually everything available" on the website, with the exception of information that senders specifically request be kept confidential, such as their names.

"Hopefully we can get the word out to enough people to get a solid response and a lot of submissions of letters from [Elections Canada] that people may have kept."

Stay tuned!

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