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UPDATED - Conservative MP's union disclosure bill heading for a pre-holiday vote

Thanks to the generosity of a fellow Conservative backbencher, Russ Hiebert's bid to impose new financial disclosure requirements on labour unions will likely get report stage final approval before the House rises for the Christmas recess.  

Last Friday, members began going through proposed amendments to C-377, but were still in mid-debate when the clock ran out on the first allotted hour.

Under normal circumstances, the bill would then be dropped to the bottom of the private members' priority list, which would have pushed the second -- and final -- hour of debate into the New Year. Hiebert, however, set up a swap with Earl Dreeshan, who was originally scheduled to kick off second reading of his private members' bill -- C-444, which would make personating a police officer an aggravating factor -- tomorrow evening. 

That spot will now be taken by Hiebert, which will allow him to wrap up debate just in time to make it onto Wednesday's pre-holiday vote list.

Barring an unexpected outbreak of parliamentary unanimity, however, third reading will still have to wait until the New Year, although given the enthusiastic support it has garnered from the government so far, its ultimate passage seems all but guaranteed.  

 UPDATE: I am reminded by certain extra-keen parliamentary wizards that when report stage goes to a second hour -- as is the case with this bill -- it subsequently goes straight to third reading without further debate, which means that it will be off to the Senate as early as Thursday!.  

As for Dreeshan, he'll likely have to wait until next February to make his opening case. 
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