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Orders of the Day - Welcome back to the precinct, MPs!

After what one can only hope was a refreshing week-long respite in their respective ridings, MPs are back on the clock in Ottawa, where the pre-holiday legislative blitz will soon consume the Hill.

Topping the to-do list in the Commons today: further third-reading debate of the government's bid to allow families dealing with the death or disappearance of a child "as the probable result of a crime" and those caring for a child with a critical illness to take leave and collect benefits.

If that discussion wraps up before the sitting day winds to a close, the next item of business on the agenda is the food safety bill, now back from committee and awaiting report stage approval. 

Outside the Chamber, several committees are set to complete their reviews of the relevant sections of the omnibudget bill that they were assigned to study, including Citizenship and Immigration, which will hold a rare Monday morning meeting to hear from witnesses; Environment, which is set to meet from 3:30 until 11pm in order to draft its report to Finance, with a one-hour break midway through to go over the supplementary estimates with the minister; and Aboriginal Affairs.

While all that is going on, Finance members will while away the hours until those reports are due by busying themselves with pre-budget consultations.

Meanwhile, over at Public Safety, the committee will ponder the government's proposals to tighten up Canada's anti-terrorism laws, and Citizenship and Immigration will gather for a second time this afternoon to continue its work on a bill to hasten the deportation process

Outside the precinct, the PM makes an afternoon appearance at the Canadian American Business Council's annual fall policy conference, where he will, according to the advisory, "participate in a question and answer session."

(Unfortunately, that session is scheduled to take place at 2pm -- which is, of course, precisely the same time that he might otherwise have been able to take part in a similar exercise in the House of Commons.)

Elsewhere on the ministerial circuit:
  • Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq joins Winnipeg MP Shelly Glover for an "important announcement" at the department's Ottawa headquarters
  • Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver lauds the benefits of responsible resource development in an address to the Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association in Toronto. Elsewhere in Toronto
  • Minister of State for Sport Bal Gosal announces yet another venue for the Pan Am Parapan Games
  • Toronto MP Mark Adler shows his support for the industry at the Ontario Young Farmers' Forum
Back on the Hill, Conservative MP Corneliu Chisu joins former MP turned human rights activist David Kilgour and author Arpad Szoczi at the launch of TIMISOARA, a new book that promises to reveal the role that Canadians -- including Chisu -- played during the Romanian revolution.

Later this evening, the Canadian Labour Congress will host a public forum on the Canadian Pension Plan, during which an "expert panel," which includes former CPP chief actuary Bernard Dussault, will "examine and debate the various models available to expand the [plan]."

Finally, former Liberal prime ministers John Turner, Jean Chretien and Paul Martin will be among those joining the celebration as party members gather at the Chateau Laurier this evening to mark the official launch of the latest leadership race, and pay tribute to former MP Herb Gray. 

For up to the minute dispatches from the precinct and beyond, keep your eye on the Parliament Hill Ticker below -- or, alternatively, bookmark it and check back throughout the day. 

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