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CNOOXen Watch: 2 more pro-merger lobbyists added to the roster

Following September's precinct-wide back-to-business blitz, the combined forces of the CNOOXen lobby seem to have gone dormant last month, at least as far as the latest batch of communications filings would suggest.

That doesn't mean that all has been quiet on the pro-merger front, however. Just last week, Hill and Knowlton added two more names to the roster at Team CNOOC -- Matthew Henley, who worked for Conservative MPs Barry Devolin and Brian Storseth, and Jack Hughes, who served as executive assistant to former Progressive Conservative Leader Joe Clark.

At press time, neither has reported making direct contact with designated public office holders -- a classification that covers all MPs, senators and ministers, as well as senior political staffers and civil servants, but since the deadline for doing so falls on the 15th of the month after any such interaction takes place, the details of any eleventh-hour lobbying efforts likely won't be made public until after the decision is released, which is currently scheduled to happen on (or before) December 10. That is, unless the parties agree to a second extension, of course.  

Also keeping an eye on what, exactly, might be included in that much anticipated decision, it seems, is Saskatchewan's Potash Corporation. 

Earlier this month, John Capobianco, the Fleishman-Hillard associate registered to lobby on the company's behalf, updated his registration to include "any potential changes being considered .. to Party [sic] IV of the [Investment Canada] Act," which deals with "investments injurious to national security." 

Stay tuned! 

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