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Orders of the Day - Who will be the first to call it "Frankenstomnibudget"?

As the Hill braces itself for the remnants of Hurricane Sandy, the omnibudget will once again dominate the conversation in the Chamber.

Before that gets underway, however, the Commons will spend one final hour debating Conservative MP Blake Richard's bid to make it a crime to wear a mask during a riot, which is currently scheduled for third reading approval on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May will make a second attempt to convince the speaker to allow an emergency debate on the Canada-China Investment Treaty, a request that was rebuffed earlier this month.

Also expected on the Hill this morning, courtesy of the "Powershift convergence": A Frankenstorm-themed "Toxic Trick or Treat March" that will, according to the advisory, see "hundreds of youth" take to the streets of Ottawa to "demand action against fossil fuel corporations responsible for climate change and extreme weather" with "creative costumes, puppets and theatrical displays."  

Undaunted, it seems, by the institutional obstructionism that has stymied recent efforts to track the government's much-self-touted budget cuts, the parliamentary budget office will release two new studies: an update on the economic and fiscal outlook, and an assessment of labour market performance. 

On the committee front, refugee lawyer Julie Taub joins representatives from the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario, the Canadian Council for Refugees and the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants as Citizenship and Immigration begins its review of the government's latest attempt to streamline the deportation process.

Also slated for this afternoon:

  • Aboriginal Affairs continues its study of C-27, which would "enhance the financial accountability and transparency of First Nations," with officials from the Office of the Auditor General and the Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada set to testify.
  • Veterans Ombudsman Guy Parent shares his thoughts on the Veterans Review and Appeal Board, as does VRAB Chair John Larlee.
  • Environment hears from the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, the City of Winnipeg and the Grand River Conservation Authority as it pursues its investigation of urban conservation practices.
  • Over at Public Safety, various and sundry law enforcement associations and lobby groups deliver their respective views on the latest RCMP reform bill, C-42, while at Finance, the pre-budget consultations roll on.

Outside the precinct, the PM will attend the Chief of Defence Change of Staff ceremony, which will unfold at the Canadian War Museum this morning.

Elsewhere in the capital, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty holds a closed-door confab with unidentified "private sector economists" at his Esplanade Laurier office.

Finally, in Toronto, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver unveils a new "energy collaboration" agreement with his Israeli counterpart, and shares the highlights from his "successful economic mission to India" with members of Toronto's Indo-Canadian community. 

For up to the minute dispatches from the precinct and beyond, keep your eye on the Parliament Hill Ticker below -- or, alternatively, bookmark it and check back throughout the day. 

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