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Orders of the Day - Let the Omnibudget Debate Countdown Begin!

With the parliamentary week nearly at an end, the House will spend the morning ensconced in serene second reading contemplation of the omnibudget bill, which, as of yesterday morning, is under time allocation, with the vote to send it off to committee now slated for next Tuesday.

Outside the precinct, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird heads to what the government is apparently now officially referring to as the Canadian Museum of History, otherwise known as the Old Museum of Civilization, to unveil "a new national initiative to showcase Canadian history."

According to the advisory, it involves passports -- and the preceding photo op "will be of interest to news and sports editors alike! Whatever can it be? (Spoiler alert: According to the Huffington Post, this.) 

UPDATE: This morning's PMO-issused Most Notable Event dispatch teasers today's announcement by noting that the announcement relates to "new security measures to ensure Canadian passports remain one of the world's most secure travel documents, while showcasing Canada's history, heroes and the building of our great nation." 

Meanwhile, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney will spend the morning in Toronto, where he's set to hold a press conference with Canadians Against Immigration Fraud to discuss his "next steps" on marriage fraud.

Elsewhere on the ministerial circuit:

  • Justice Minister Rob Nicholson will watch as the ground is broken on a new course at Welland's International Flatwater Centre.
  • In Quebec, Transport Minister Denis Lebel scatters federal largesse on six Saguenay-Lac Saint-Jean snowmobile clubs.
  • Moving east to Nova Scotia, Defence Minister Peter MacKay shows his government's support for "national-calibre recreational infrastructure" in Lochaber, while in Membertou, Conservative MP Gerald Keddy hosts a "closed-door discussion" with Cape Breton exporters.
  • On the Island, Revenue Minister Gail Shea will reveal new "investments" in affordable housing for the province.
  • Out west, Minister of State for Seniors Alice Wong convenes a round table in Saskatoon, where her junior cabinet colleague Ted Menzies is scheduled to "highlight" changes to pooled registered pension plans during an address to the local chamber of commerce.

Finally, in Toronto, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair outlines his party's position on the future of Old Age Security at a town hall meeting with Canadian Association of Retired Person chapter representatives from across the country. 
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