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OotD - One more round of omnidebate and it's off to committee!

That is, unless the Official Opposition - or, for that matter, the unofficial opposition that is the Third Party Liberals, the Bloc Quebecois quartet, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May or Independents Bruce Hyer and Peter Goldring - still has some sort of procedural gambit up its collective sleeve to stop the clock during the final day allotted for second reading consideration of the behemoth bill.

Outside the Chamber, despite a concerted effort by the government to fast track its much-vaunted food safety bill, it appears that Agriculture intends to spend at least a few hours going over the fine print with the help of expert witnesses. On the speaking list for today: the Canadian Meat Council, Retail Council of Canada, Canadian Association of Regulated Importers and Dairy Farmers of Canada.

Elsewhere on the committee front, Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney goes before Finance this afternoon to discuss his most recent monetary policy report, with his scheduled hour-long appearance set to be bookended by Parliamentary Budget Office Kevin Page, who will take the floor to share the latest updates to his projections on Canada's economic and fiscal outlook.

Meanwhile, Government Operations risks vanishing in a puff of Escheresque smoke by holding a 'feedback session' to question Treasury Board and Finance officials on the government's response to the committee's original report on strengthening the estimates process.

Also on the agenda today:

  • Representatives from the National Research Council, the Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network, Eaton Yale and the Canadian Standards Association provide their respective perspectives on Canada's intellectual property regime at Industry
  • Canadian Heritage continues to explore the state of the Canadian entertainment software industry with testimony from the Entertainment Software Association of Canada, the Writers Guild and KPMG, among others
  • Over at Official Languages, the Canadian Heritage party-planning committee will face questions on "linguistic duality" during the upcoming-ish 150th anniversary celebration of Confederation, and deal with a motion from NDP MP Yvon Godin
  • Later this afternoon, Philippines House of Representatives member Neri Colmenares briefs International Human Rights members on the situation in that country.
  • Ethics hears from Google Canada policy manager Colin MacKay as part of its ongoing inquiry into privacy and social media
  • Human Resources resumes consideration of the government's bid to allow families to take paid leave when dealing with a seriously ill or missing child
  • Finally, Public Accounts retreats behind closed doors once again to toil away on its now months-in-the-in-camera-making report on what the auditor general found wanting in the F-35 procurement process
Elsewhere on the Hill, online activist groups and deliver an anti-Canada China FIPA petition "signed by over 60,000 Canadians" and representatives from Food Banks Canada reveals the results of HungerCount 2012.

Outside the precinct, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews heads to the Ottawa Convention Centre for SecureTech 2012, billed as "Canada's national security and public safety event," where he will deliver welcoming remarks alongside Conservative Senator Pamela Wallin. 

A few blocks away, the Canadian War Museum will once again serve as venue for a ministerial event as Veterans Minister Steve Blaney shares the details of "his continuing efforts to cut red tape and deliver better and faster service." 

For up to the minute dispatches from the precinct and beyond, keep your eye on the Parliament Hill Ticker below -- or, alternatively, bookmark it and check back throughout the day. 

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