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OotD: The M-312 reckoning hour is at hand!

With just hours to go before the House is set to vote on Stephen Woodworth's bid to "start the conversation" on the legal definition of "human being", MPs will spend most of the morning behind closed doors for their weekly in camera caucus confabs. 

For those who plan on tuning in -- or, for that matter, showing up in person -- to watch tonight's vote, it should get underway by 5:45, although as Woodworth's motion is the last item on the list, it may not come up before 6pm. (I will, of course, be in the gallery for  the duration, so be sure to check back for the liveblog.) 

After the Commons has delivered its collective verdict on his motion, Woodworth will hold the first of two scheduled media availabilities -- according to the advisory, as a service to media outlets with "differing news cycles" -- with the second set to take place on Thursday morning.  

His backbench colleague Roxanne James, whose bill to tighten up the rules for "vexatious" inmate complaints is also up for third reading approval tonight, will make herself available to the media this afternoon by holding a brief Q&A on her bill alongside Quebec Conservative Senator Pierre-Hughes Boisvenu.

Unlike Woodworth, however, James should be able to count on garnering the full support of the government during this evening's votes, as will Conservative MP Guy Lauzon, whose attempt to impose still more accountability on offenders is also on the voting schedule for tonight.

Meanwhile, in non-Woodworth-related business, Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq makes a pre-caucus appearance in the Foyer this morning to deliver an "important announcement."  

When the House convenes this afternoon, members will begin second reading debate on C-44, which would amend labour and employment insurance rules to allow employees to take leave when a child is "critically ill or disappears as the probably result of a crime."

Outside the Chamber, the annual fall flurry of pro forma chair/vice-chair (re)elections continues, although three committees are scheduled to get back to regular business this afternoon:

Finally, several MPs are expected to take part in World Vision's "Brown Bag Blitz," which encourages people to donate their lunch money to help combat the humanitarian crisis in West Africa. 

For up to the minute dispatches from the precinct and beyond, keep your eye on the Parliament Hill Ticker below -- or, alternatively, bookmark it and check back throughout the day. 

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