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M-312 Liveblog: Stephen Woodworth's "conversation" comes to a close

As reported by colleague Laura Payton, the final hour of debate over a backbench Conservative MP's bid to force his colleagues to explore the existential question of when human life begins wrapped up earlier this afternoon.  

Although the ultimate fate of M-312 seems all but assured -- no less august a parliamentary figure than Chief Government Whip Gordon O'Connor delivered a scathing dismissal of both the motion and the underlying intent, and urged his colleagues to oppose it --  Woodworth did manage to score a small, if likely fleeting victory after the debate wound down, mustering up a sufficiently vocal show of support from sympathetic MPs to win the symbolic voice vote that capped off today's proceedings. 

That result will, however, almost certainly be cancelled out when the motion goes to a recorded division next week. 

Here's what I saw from the press gallery: 

Mobile-friendly feed available here.

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